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We care about you and your smile. Dr. Rosen and our dental team are committed to making you feel comfortable, live healthy, and perform your best. That’s why we commit our practice to helping you attain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Not only does your smile affect your appearance, but it can boost your confidence. Whether you want a promotion, a new relationship, or simply to live pain-free, we can help you get there with the smile of your dreams. At Michael T. Rosen, DDS, PA, you can trust us to listen to your dreams, desires, and concerns to craft a treatment plan just for you.

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Finding a dentist in Wilmington is challenging because it’s about finding the right dentist for you and for your family. Your health matters, and you want someone who provides true, patient-centered care that goes beyond words on a website.Traditional or outdated dentistry keeps patients like you from ever thinking they’ll find a dental office in Wilmington that’s more like a home and less like a clinic. Fears from the past make us believe dentists don’t care. Dr. Michael Rosen does. That’s why he’s a trusted family and cosmetic dentist in our area with an understanding of genuine chairside manner and personal touch second to none. It’s time you felt truly cared for in a convenient location where relaxing yet comprehensive dentistry comes to you in a soothing, refreshing environment.

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Seek TMJ Treatment for Facial Pain

TMJ is a disorder in which your jaw experiences dislocation or misalignment. Due to this misalignment, you could experience severe headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain. However, with our easy, pain-free treatment, you could ease your TMJ pain and get back to living a full life.

Here at Michael T. Rosen, DDS, we have the most advanced technology to help us identify dental issues. With our oral scanners, we can pick up the slightest movements and sounds as you bite and chew. Then, we can diagnose your TMJ based on our findings. 

We use an electrical stimulation process, called TENS, to help your muscles relax. When your jaw muscles relax, they usually fall right into place. If you need further care, we will fit your bite with an oral appliance that will prevent teeth grinding and stress. 

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