Advanced Technology for a Better Smile in Wilmington

When you choose a dentist, you want to be sure that you trust your entire dental team. In addition to building your trust, your dentist should offer the best, least intrusive dental technology. We want you to be comfortable while getting a beautiful and functional smile right here in Wilmington, Delaware. Because of that, we always invite you in with a smile and utilize the best technology on the market. 

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Our Technology

Dr. Goodling wants you to have a confident, beautiful new smile. To improve your smile while keeping you comfortable, we use the following dental technology for quick and easy treatment. That way, you can have the smile of your dreams without spending too much time in a dental chair. 


Digital dentistry is how we make the best decisions to improve your smile. With TRIOS intraoral scanners, we can take images of your teeth using a lightweight wand. Then, these images appear in 3D on a computer so we can best plan how to proceed. 

CBCT Scanner

Using our CBCT scanning tool, we can capture a full 3D image of your smile and bite. This allows us to map out changes in addition to modifying dental fillings and dental crowns. While using this machine, an x-ray will rotate around your head to capture the most complete scan possible. 


When dentists saw the power of both 2D and 3D imaging but couldn’t combine the two, the professionals put their heads together to create the Carestream. The Carestream is able to generate exceptional images by scanning your smile and combining different technologies. In the end, it creates a functional model for your dental team to work with. 


If you need tooth replacements, then you need a dentist with nSequence technology. With nSequence, we can guide and place dental implants using full arch guides. The comfort and feel of your tooth replacements are truly unbeatable with this technology. This state-of-the-art planning tool helps us create your new beautiful, functional smile. 

Technology for Neuromuscular Dentistry

In addition to the technology we use for our general appointments, we also have special tools for our neuromuscular dentistry patients. With the best neuromuscular dentistry treatments, we can help alleviate symptoms of TMJ and sleep apnea


The T-Scan is a small, handheld device that measures your bite. When you use the T-Scan, we’ll ask you to bite down and make different chewing motions. Using this data, we can determine your neuromuscular dentistry needs. 


One of the best uses of modern technology is reducing our patients’ pain. With TENS, we can reduce jaw pain exponentially. This system allows us to send electrical currents through your jaw in order to stimulate different nerves and muscles. This, allows your brain to relax and reduce your pain receptors. 


Lastly, our EMG system is another way to track movement in your jaw. Using EMG technology, we can track the smallest movements, by using soundwaves. Then, we can determine your jaw function and how it progresses through minute movements. 

Your Dental Team with the Most Advanced Technology

If you want a dentist who can give you a quick, easy, and comfortable visit, then you’ll want a dentist with the most advanced technology. Our dental team, right here in Wilmington, provides only the best techniques and technology for your comfort. 

Dr. Michael T. Rosen, DDS, in Wilmington offers the best dental equipment to better serve his patients. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Goodling, call us at (302) 994-0979