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Full-Mouth Restorations in Wilmington


A full-mouth restoration is the process of restoring and rebuilding your teeth while getting your gums healthy and your bite balanced. If you have chronic issues with your teeth or jaw, severe damage or decay, or teeth severely worn from grinding or acidic foods and beverages, our compassionate and gentle approach to full-mouth restoration may just be the solution you have been looking for.

We’ll start with a comprehensive exam, including digital x-rays, panographic x-rays and an examination with the intraoral camera. Once your needs are assessed, we will work with you to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

In our full-mouth restoration, we look at all aspects of your mouth – your teeth, your gums, your bite, and the aesthetics of your smile. Each tooth is addressed and repaired individually. Your gums will be examined and if there is periodontal disease present we will treat your gums to ensure that your restored teeth have a strong and healthy foundation. We also measure your bite to ensure that all treatments will address any TMJ issues you may have been experiencing. If you have been experiencing severe TMJ issues, our full-mouth restoration can help you find relief. We may also prescribe an orthotic to balance your bite and protect your dental work.

Our patients tell us that they can’t believe how good they feel and how great their smiles look!