Tooth Bonding and Tooth Contouring

When you visit us for tooth bonding or contouring, we will begin your visit with a dental cleaning and exam. Without dental cleaning, we wouldn’t be able to apply your new bonding because we might trap bacteria under the resin. Additionally, a dental exam is necessary in order to see what level of repair you need before we begin. For some patients with higher needs, we might recommend porcelain veneers instead of bonding and contouring. 

After your dental cleaning and exam, we can start this simple, pain-free procedure. First, we will match the resin to the color of your teeth and create a mixture specific to you. Then, we’ll gently remove the top layer of enamel so the resin mixture can stick to your teeth. 

Next, we apply this mixture in layers that we sculpt and shape as we go. Between coats of resin, we will harden the area with a light wand. Our top-notch team makes sure that the mixture creates a natural, beautiful look. 

When your tooth reaches the desired shape and size, our dentists will make sure that it fits into your smile perfectly. If it feels uncomfortable in any way or doesn’t look the way you wanted, we will shape the tooth to your specifications. Then, our team will polish your tooth to create an enhanced new smile. 

In addition to dental bonding, we also offer tooth contouring. This procedure, instead of adding on to your teeth, removes uneven parts of your teeth to create a straight, gorgeous smile. When you see us for dental contouring, we will reduce the areas of your smile that you don’t love. Then, we will polish your tooth to shine the smile of your dreams. 

The Perfect Candidate for Tooth Bonding

Modern technology makes smile enhancements quick, comfortable, and easy. If you have tooth damage or off-colored teeth, then dental bonding or contouring could be your solution. Our dentists can repair some cosmetic issues, such as the following, with this simple procedure. 

  • Uneven teeth, overly protruding canines, or front teeth that are too long
  • Slightly chipped, broken, or damaged teeth
  • Gapped teeth 

If you have any of these cosmetic issues with your smile, then you might benefit from dental bonding or contouring. However, we won’t know the severity of your issue until we see you for a dental exam.

Dental Bonding in Wilmington, Delaware

Making aesthetic changes to your smile requires a dental team that cares about you and your smile. If you want to fix your gapped, chipped, or uneven teeth, then contact our office.

Only an exceptional dentist can ensure a smile that is both beautiful and functional. Dr. Goodling is a highly trained and educated in dental bonding and dental contouring. Give us a call at (302) 994-0979 to schedule your appointment for dental bonding.