What Are Dental Bridges?

You’ve probably heard of dentures and dental implants but a dental bridge might be unfamiliar territory. In essence, a dental bridge allows your mouth to bridge the gap between your healthy teeth. In other words, this tooth replacement option is comparable to partial dentures. 

With partial dentures, we create one or more tooth replacements that attach to your other teeth using clamps. On the other hand, when we create dental bridges, your tooth replacements will attach to other teeth via dental crowns. Therefore, two dental crowns on either side of your missing tooth or teeth will hold your new tooth replacements in place. 

Fixed and Removable Options

With dental bridges, you can choose a secure or removable option. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want the option to take out your dental bridge for comfort when you sleep and eat. However, many of our patients find that fixed dental bridges are more comfortable, looking and feeling just like natural teeth. These patients enjoy the fact that they can maintain their oral care routine without any changes. 

Due to our in-house lab, Elite Dental Arts, we can create your tooth replacements right here in Wilmington. You won’t have to wait for months to get your new smile. Instead, we’ll get you back to eating your favorite foods and showing off your dazzling, healthy smile in no time! 

A Sturdier Jaw with Better Tooth Replacements

When you have the best tooth replacements for your smile, your entire face will benefit. What we mean by this is that your jaw and your cheeks rely on your teeth. A set of solid, sturdy teeth will keep your jaw in place, which, in turn, keeps your cheeks from sagging. 

With dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges that fit your smile, you will look years or even decades younger. Additionally, when you look younger, you’ll start to feel younger. Not only will you be able to eat your favorite foods again, but you’ll gain the confidence to laugh and smile without hesitation. 

With your newfound confidence, you can create new bonds, reestablish old friendships, and grow closer to your family. As your dental team, we care about these aspects of your life just as much as we care about your smile because we know how much a smile can affect our lives. Your caring, experienced, passionate dentist is right here in Wilmington, ready to help. 

Your Dentist for Dental Bridges in Wilmington, Delaware

You might be nervous about losing teeth or upset about your missing teeth. But, dental bridges are a comfortable and natural-looking tooth replacement option. With dental bridges, you can gain back your confidence and live life to its fullest once again. 

To learn more about dental bridges and other tooth replacement options, come see our team in Wilmington. Give us a call at (302) 994-0979 to schedule your consultation with restorative dentist Dr. Rosen.