Online Forms

Before your first visit, take a moment to complete our new patient forms. It will make your first visit faster and easier. Just fill out the form in the comfort and convenience of your own space and then we’ll see you at the office!

Adult New Patient Forms

Pediatric New Patient Forms

Dental Records Release Form

TMJ Questionnaire Form

Sleep Apnea Consultation Forms

Printable Forms

We offer your new patient forms in printed versions, too, for your convenience. Filling out the paperwork before your visit will speed up the in-office processes and get you back to your day more quickly. Please bring the filled out form with you to your first appointment.

Adult New Patient Forms

Pediatric New Patient Forms

Dental Records Release Form

Photo Release

Your First Visit

Your first visit with us is one of your most important visits with us. It lets us get an understanding of what is happening in your mouth, assess your needs, and set the pace for treatment.

For all of our new patient visits, we set time aside for us to get to know each other, review your dental history, and your expectations.

Every new patient visit starts with any necessary x-rays as well as photographs of your current condition, along with an extensive oral screening. During this screening, we carefully examine your teeth and gums for any signs of decay or problems. You’ll also receive an oral cancer screening, and we will examine your bite and jaw joints. Often, our patients tell us they’ve never had such a thorough examination.

In fact, Dr. Goodling’s initial exam may surprise you for its breadth and depth, but there is a good reason for it. “The extra time spent on your first visit is very important,” explains Dr. Goodling. “Our goal is to provide all the detailed attention you need.” Keeping you in top health is the primary reason we spend so much time evaluating your condition at the first visit. Oral problems such as TMJ may be caused by seemingly unrelated behaviors, such as sleep, breathing, or postural issues. Our advanced diagnostic methods and in-depth exams let us identify small problems before they become big ones.

But we also want to take time to get to know you as a person so that we can offer you and your family care that makes you feel at home. And at the end of your new patient visit, we’ll give you an electric Oral B toothbrush with our compliments!

Enjoy Our Patient Comforts

Lots of our patients say that they simply love coming to see us. Of course it is mostly because of our sparkling personalities, but it could also be because we pamper every patient with comforting little extras to help them relax.

When you come in to the office, help yourself to a soothing cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee and take a load off. But you may have to bring your beverage into the exam room with you – we rarely keep you waiting. Once in the chair, snuggle in with a neck pillow and fluffy blanket and listen to some music on our headphones while your procedures are completed. Afterwards, freshen up with a soft, heated towel and some lip balm, and you can leave smiling and feeling better than ever!