patient of Dr. Rosen shows off her smile

Brenda | Actual Patient

“I just was not happy with my teeth. I didn’t smile – I had no confidence – and people started to think I was mean! I wanted a “Superstar” smile, and I knew to get that smile, I’d have to have porcelain veneers. I did some research on the Internet and chose Dr. Rosen because of his specialty in veneers. I thought I was going to need my entire mouth done, but Dr. Rosen developed a plan that didn’t entail much work! I had one porcelain veneer and one crown placed, and my smile whitened. Dr. Rosen made me feel very comfortable; I had a lot of trust in him. I am very happy and excited by the results. I’m so confident now. I’m not shy anymore and am not afraid to meet people. I tell all my friends about him. His staff is awesome, too! They’re the best group of people with the nicest personalities. I feel like I’m with family here.”

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off her smile

Oneita | Actual Patient

“I had a gap between my front teeth that made me feel so self-conscious and I wanted to have it closed. I had been looking for a dentist when a co-worker referred me; Dr. Rosen was her family’s dentist. That was 15 years ago and I have been here ever since. I felt confident as soon as I walked into the office; everyone had nice teeth! Dr. Rosen is very nice and energetic. He told me he could close the gap, explained how it would be done and suggested whitening. I decided to have the procedures done and told him I wanted a smile so bright you could see it from across the street! It was a great decision. Dr. Rosen did all the veneer work in one day and then I had several smile whitening treatments over a period of time. In no time at all, I had a beautiful, white smile! Now I love to smile. I feel great. Having a smile like this makes it so easy to be friendly.”

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off her smile

Diane | Actual Patient

“Dr. Rosen was my husband’s dentist. So after we got married in 1996, and I needed a dentist, I started seeing Dr. Rosen too. Years before, I had an accident playing volleyball. Another player’s elbow hit my left front tooth and knocked it out of place. I went to a dentist who pushed it back in and splinted it to my other teeth. After awhile, the nerve died and that tooth needed a root canal. Twelve years later, when I went to Dr. Rosen for a check-up, he noticed a problem with that tooth that was going to cause me to soon lose it. Since I was going to have to do something about the tooth, I talked with Dr. Rosen about straightening my teeth too. He showed me a digital image of what my straight smile would look like. He thoroughly explained the procedures and gave me details of what was going to happen. I thought about it for a year. I was very apprehensive, but decided to proceed. I had the damaged tooth removed and found that the bone beneath it was missing. I had gum surgery to replace the missing bone. After that healed, I received a permanent bridge (two crowns and an artificial tooth between them) and one veneer. All four of my front teeth have been restored! It was a long process, and I’m thrilled that it’s behind me, but I’m so happy with my new look! I get compliments all the time. I totally trust Dr. Rosen and will never go to another dentist.”

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off her smile

Mary | Actual Patient

“A smile is the first thing I notice on people . . . and the first thing I notice on myself. I wanted a beautiful smile and knew it was time to have cosmetic work done. My teeth were chipped and worn, and I was really unhappy with the fit of an old bridge. I wanted to go to a single dentist, not a group, so I did some research and found Dr. Rosen. He had been voted “Best Dentist” in an area Reader’s Choice, had a great reputation and the qualifications I was looking for. I had several meeting with Dr. Rosen in which he gave me detailed explanations of what was possible. After those meetings, I had absolute confidence in him. He was so informative, gave great suggestions and wanted to hear what I had to say. I had crowns, veneers and bridge work done. It took about a month’s time. I love the results! People comment on my smile. Having this cosmetic dentistry done is one of the three best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The other two are marrying my husband and buying a tempurpedic bed. If you’re considering having your smile enhanced, I encourage you to talk with Dr. Rosen. One you meet him and his staff, I can’t image you’d go anywhere else. He is a perfectionist. His dentistry is artistry.”

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off her smile

Lisa | Actual Patient

“Choosing Dr. Rosen as a dentist has been a life-changing experience. In the past six months, I have had preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to restore my smile. I was terrified of dentists, needles and root canals and ashamed that my teeth had deteriorated from lack of dental care. I researched Dr. Rosen for two years until I had an emergency that required immediate attention. Dr. Rosen and his staff did not make me feel ashamed of the poor condition of my teeth during that first appointment. Instead everyone kept a positive outlook for treatment. Dr. Rosen reviewed all of my dental information and gave the least expensive option, the most expensive option and all other options in between. He honestly explained all the various treatment options (pros and cons) so I was able to make an informed decision. He took the time to understand my personal situation (fear of dentists) and assure me that he would do everything possible to make my experience as pleasant as possible. At each visit, he fully explained everything that would be done that day as well as what would be next. As each visit came and went, I became less anxious regarding the procedures. After each major procedure, Dr. Rosen would take the time to call me at home to see how I was feeling. He cared about how my treatment was affecting me.

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off his smile

David | Actual Patient

“I had been suffering from TMJ pain, and my previous dentist just wasn’t technically up-to-date. I was referred to Dr. Rosen by one of his patients. By the time I saw Dr. Rosen, my lower teeth were wearing away, my jaw would lock and the joint would pop out. I also had a snaggle tooth in front that stuck out when I smiled. I hated my smile. When I saw Dr. Rosen, he recommended a full mouth restoration and laid out a three-year plan for me. It started with braces to straighten my teeth. I then wore an orthotic for a year to place my jaw in a comfortable, natural position. Treatment finished with crowns and veneers being placed on my teeth. I am so pleased with the results. It took 3 years of treatment, but now my bite and jaw are fixed. My jaw doesn’t lock; it’s no longer exhausting to chew and eating is comfortable. And no more snaggle tooth! I’m no longer ashamed of my teeth and I smile a lot. My wife and I are competitive ballroom dancers. With my new smile, I feel confident. I highly recommend Dr. Rosen to anyone.”

patient of Dr. Rosen shows off his smile

Tom | Actual Patient

“All of your records will be kept in digital format and every operatory has a computer in it. This allows us to quickly and easily access your information for comparisons and updates.

I first learned of Dr. Rosen a few years ago through recommendations from several professional colleagues and co-workers. I was involved in a traumatic accident that necessitated a timely dental evaluation, but I didn’t have a dentist. Unfortunately, several horrific experiences as a child and young adult had kept me dissatisfied with my smile and out of the dentist’s chair for many, many years!

Although I never had a cavity and my teeth were very healthy, I was experiencing some minor pain and damage from the accident that needed attention, so I made an appointment with Dr. Rosen. I have to say that my experience could not have been more pleasant. The damage from the accident was repaired, my old crown was replaced, and I couldn’t be happier with my smile!

I would highly recommend Dr. Rosen and his wonderful staff for both routine and cosmetic dental care. They’re professional, friendly, and excellent at what they do!”


“I went to Dr. Rosen after my regular dentist had run out of options for treating my TMJ. I couldn’t chew anything, my jaw hurt, and my neck and shoulders were in constant pain. Mouth guards at night and muscle relaxants prescribed by my former dentist weren’t helping at all! Dr. Rosen has a whole separate skill set to remediate TMJ from any dentist I have been to before. Dr. Rosen’s regimen of tensing the jaw, realigning the bite and having TMJ patients work with physical therapists who themselves have had additional TMJ treatment training has made all the difference. I am now a new woman – or, at least, a woman who doesn’t have any TMJ symptoms! In addition, I must add that Dr. Rosen’s staff is a community of caring people, people I consider friends, and people I am genuinely glad to see when I go into the office.”


“Awesome” is the word I use for Dr. Rosen and his staff! I had heard about TMJ, but never realized that TMJ disorder was something I might have. Over the years, I had pain in my jaw, ear and neck that moved to my cheek and up to my temple. I was treated for sinus and ear infections, but after a while, I just ignored it. Dental visits became more repetitive. As I sat in the waiting room of yet another dental appointment, I read an article Dr. Rosen had written about TMJ disorder. Every symptom listed in the article was a symptom I was dealing with! I immediately made an appointment. Dr. Rosen and his staff are warm, friendly, caring and, as I said, absolutely awesome! They worked with me on all levels, from the smallest detail to the largest. Now I feel great. I smile more, sleep better and I’m even eating better. Best of all, there is no pain!”


“A friend recommended I see Dr. Rosen. I needed general dentistry – I had a problem with a back molar. I hate to go to the dentist, but knew something had to be done. I met with Dr. Rosen and was very comfortable with him. He put me right at ease. He tried his best to save my tooth, but was unable to. He placed a bridge that looks and feels really natural. We were both happy with the results. My problem is now fixed and I feel very comfortable. I’d tell anyone looking for a dentist to see Dr. Rosen. Everyone here treats you like family. They knew about my fear and treated me appropriately. They took their time and made sure I was relaxed. Dr. Rosen is the most personable doctor I have ever met and the entire atmosphere is friendly. My son comes here now and he’s not afraid of the dentist. In fact, he looks forward to his visits.”