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Dental Bridges & Dentures in Wilmington

Missing a tooth or teeth can be devastating. Many people are so self-conscious about it that it begins to affect their social and professional lives. It doesn’t have to! We have solutions to fit almost every tooth replacement need.

Our fixed and removable bridges, and our partial and full dentures, are designed to fit both your appearance and the needs of your jaw and musculature for a comfortable and secure fit. This fit prevents the sunken look traditional dentures can cause while helping you feel secure and confident that they won’t slip or come loose. They also help prevent the pain of TMJ disorders that can occur without tooth replacement or with ill-fitting dentures.

Depending on your needs, we can create many of your tooth replacements such as crown abutments for fixed bridges, in our on-site lab and have your smile healthy, beautiful, and ready to go as quickly as possible.