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Dental Fillings & Crowns in Wilmington


Everything from your food and drink to daily stress and sports can cause damage to your teeth. Even a lifestyle that feels too busy for consistent dental hygiene can lead to small cavities that if left alone could start a major problem in your mouth.

But don’t worry. Because we focus on regular screenings, we can usually catch problems while they are small and easy to repair. If you do find that you need a dental repair, talk to us about your options. We have a wide range of restoration options including tooth colored fillings, composite fillings, porcelain inlays & onlays, and crowns. We can even restore your dental implants with beautiful implant crowns made right here in our office lab, Elite Dental Arts.

When it is time for a repair, our technology also makes the experience as comfortable and fast as possible. Not only do we have an on-site lab to speed the creation of porcelain restorations, we also use air abrasion instead of the drill for minor cavities. This innovation allows us to make such delicate adjustments to the enamel that we often don’t even need anesthetics to keep you comfortable. But if you do need to be numbed, we can reverse the sensation and inconvenience of numbness in about half the time, with Oraverse. Oraverse is a medication proven to rapidly reverse the numbing effects of local dental anesthetic so that you can feel, speak, smile, and drink normally, which is especially convenient if you have to return to work or school after your appointment.

“Dr. Rosen was my husband’s dentist. So after we got married in 1996, and I needed a dentist, I started seeing Dr. Rosen too. Years before, I had an accident playing volleyball. Another player’s elbow hit my left front tooth and knocked it out of place. I went to a dentist who pushed it back in and splinted it to my other teeth. After awhile, the nerve died and that tooth needed a root canal. Twelve years later, when I went to Dr. Rosen for a check-up, he noticed a problem with that tooth that was going to cause me to soon lose it. Since I was going to have to do something about the tooth, I talked with Dr. Rosen about straightening my teeth too. He showed me a digital image of what my straight smile would look like. He thoroughly explained the procedures and gave me details of what was going to happen. I thought about it for a year. I was very apprehensive, but decided to proceed. I had the damaged tooth removed and found that the bone beneath it was missing. I had gum surgery to replace the missing bone. After that healed, I received a permanent bridge (two crowns and an artificial tooth between them) and one veneer. All four of my front teeth have been restored! It was a long process, and I’m thrilled that it’s behind me, but I’m so happy with my new look! I get compliments all the time. I totally trust Dr. Rosen and will never go to another dentist.” – Diane