Levels of Sedation Dentistry

Unfortunately, many people experience dental anxiety. But, when they come to visit our dental team and get to know us, they report higher levels of comfort visiting the dentist. When you visit us, we want you to sit back and relax while we clean and enhance your smile. If you need a little help to relax, then we can offer a few gentle sedatives to improve your experience. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Sometimes, we use nitrous oxide, more often referred to as “laughing gas,” to help our patients relax while getting dental work. For some procedures, we require laughing gas for your comfort. However, we are happy to offer this treatment to our patients who need to relax a bit more, too. When we administer laughing gas, you will drift away into a dreamlike state, remaining relaxed until your dental work is complete. Any patients who require nitrous oxide sedation will need someone to drive them home after the dental work is done. 

Anti-Anxiety Medications

Some of our patients have such severe anxiety that they need anti-anxiety medication as well. If this sounds like you, then we will consult with you prior to your appointment. Then, we will give you anti-anxiety medication to take with instructions on when to take it before you come to see us. Due to the possible drowsiness, you will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment if you take any anti-anxiety medication.

During your appointment, you will stay relaxed and calm. With our guidance in place, the anti-anxiety effects will remain throughout your appointment and you will leave us with a beautiful, functional smile. 

The Best Technology to Improve Your Experience

Not only do we offer sedation dentistry, but our office uses the latest technology as well. With the latest technology, we provide the most comfortable dental experience with the least amount of discomfort. For example, dental drills cause a lot of anxiety in patients. Since our office uses air abrasion technology, we can eradicate this fear for our patients. 

Our Office Feels Like Home

Dr. Goodling and Dr. Rosen want all of their patients to feel comfortable and at home when they visit our dental office. Our dental team will always greet you with a smile and welcome you into our state-of-the-art practice. 

We truly love our patients, and we want you to feel comfortable as soon as you step in the door. That’s why we offer a comfortable, tranquil setting so you can relax. Sit back and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea in our waiting room before your appointment or stop in any time to say hello to our team!

Sedation Dentistry in Wilmington, Delaware

We understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful, anxiety-ridden experience. And, if you experience dental anxiety, you aren’t alone. Many people experience anxiety when they go to see their dentist. However, our office is different. 

Many of our patients who told us about their past dental anxiety now feel at home when they come to visit Dr. Goodling, Dr. Rosen, and our dental team. Give us a call at (302) 994-0979 for more information about our team and our sedation dentistry services.