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Wilmington Neuromuscular Treatment

We Can Help Stop Your Pain!

TMJ or TMD can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. Some patients go to doctor after doctor seeking relief from their headaches and chronic upper body pain. Some wonder if the ringing and fullness in their ears is a sign of chronic ear infection, while others have teeth that hurt when they chew and difficulty opening and closing their mouths. Many of these patients clench and grind their teeth and constantly worry about tooth loss or damage.

We are here to help. Our approach to neuromuscular dentistry offers a unique solution to any TMJ disorder issue so that you can find relief without pain medications or surgery.

While this treatment can be an end in itself – Dr. Michael T. Rosen can permanently establish this comfortable ‘bite’ with new crowns or even orthodontics – it may be interesting to note that this balanced, relaxed bite can also make cosmetic dental procedures, like veneers, last longer and look better.