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Diagnosing TMJ in Wilmington

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If you feel that you are suffering from TMJ disorder, try these tests:

Press the area directly in front of your ear. This is where your temporomandibular joint is and if it hurts, it might be an indicator of TMJ disorder.

Standing in front of a mirror, watch your jaw and chin as you open and close your mouth. If your jaw moves to the side upon opening and if there are clicking popping or grating sounds, you probably have a disorder of the TMJ joint.

Do you clench your jaw while you are sleeping? Do you notice that you clench your jaw while you are awake? Has anyone ever mentioned that you grind your teeth? Clenching and grinding are both signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Professional TMJ Evaluation from Dr. Rosen

If you do feel that your symptoms indicate a TMJ disorder, it is important to see a dentist trained in neuromuscular dentistry for treatment. Here at the office of Dr. Rosen, we are highly educated in the diagnosis and care of TMJ disorders and can treat you comfortably and non-invasively.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment lets us get an accurate picture of what you need to get your jaw in balance. We begin your TMJ evaluation by watching your jaw move to assess how the jaw and its muscles are working together. We then take careful measurements of your bite and listen for abnormal jaw sounds with jaw sonography.

“‘Awesome’ is the word I use for Dr. Rosen and his staff! I had heard about TMJ, but never realized that TMJ disorder was something I might have. Over the years, I had pain in my jaw, ear, and neck that moved to my cheek and up to my temple. I was treated for sinus and ear infections, but after a while, I just ignored it. Dental visits became more repetitive. As I sat in the waiting room of yet another dental appointment, I read an article Dr. Rosen had written about TMJ disorder. Every symptom listed in the article was a symptom I was dealing with! I immediately made an appointment. Dr. Rosen and his staff are warm, friendly, caring and, as I said, absolutely awesome! They worked with me on all levels, from the smallest detail to the largest. Now I feel great. I smile more, sleep better, and I’m even eating better. Best of all, there is no pain!” – Patti