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TMJ Treatment Options in Wilmington

Everything From Dental Orthotics to Full-Mouth Restoration

If we do find that you are suffering from malocclusion, the next step is to help your jaw relax with the TENS unit. TENS uses gentle electrical impulses to help your muscles relax. This allows waste products like lactic acid to drain out of your muscles, relieving pain and tension as well as helping your jaw move into its optimal position.

Once your jaw is in its correct and ideal position, we may recommend the use of precision-crafted dental restorations to precisely raise or lower areas of your bite placing it in a comfortable position. In most cases, we can reposition your jaw without surgery or braces, and complete the treatment in just a few weeks! Your pain and discomfort will be relieved and so you can get back to living life to the fullest!

“I had been suffering from TMJ pain, and my previous dentist just wasn’t technically up-to-date. I was referred to Dr. Rosen by one of his patients. By the time I saw Dr. Rosen, my lower teeth were wearing away, my jaw would lock and the joint would pop out. I also had a snaggle tooth in front that stuck out when I smiled. I hated my smile. When I saw Dr. Rosen, he recommended a full-mouth restoration and laid out a three-year plan for me. It started with braces to straighten my teeth. I then wore an orthotic for a year to place my jaw in a comfortable, natural position. Treatment finished with crowns and veneers being placed on my teeth. I am so pleased with the results. It took 3 years of treatment, but now my bite and jaw are fixed. My jaw doesn’t lock; it’s no longer exhausting to chew and eating is comfortable. And no more snaggle tooth! I’m no longer ashamed of my teeth and I smile a lot. My wife and I are competitive ballroom dancers. With my new smile, I feel confident. I highly recommend Dr. Rosen to anyone.” – David