Family & General Dentistry

Family & General Dentistry in Pike Creek Because Tri State Families Deserve the Best

Family & General Dentistry in Pike Creek

Because Tri-State Families Deserve the Best

When a day is filled with your family’s smiles, everything seems a little better. So what can you do to keep those smiles bright, healthy and in great shape? Be sure to keep up on all your family’s general dentistry.

When you and your family regularly schedule your exams, cleanings and screenings, we are able to catch problems early – before they cause extensive damage to your teeth and affect your health. When we do need to restore your teeth we use only the healthiest, most non-invasive techniques and materials. And no matter why you and your family come to us, we go out of our way to make every visit fun, relaxing, and pain-free.

Dr. Michael T. Rosen and his team always examine and treat you as a whole being. This means that we take into consideration how your dental health affects the health of your whole body. We think it’s just good dentistry. And isn’t that what you and your family deserve?

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“A friend recommended I see Dr. Rosen. I needed general dentistry – I had a problem with a back molar. I hate to go to the dentist, but knew something had to be done. I met with Dr. Rosen and was very comfortable with him. He put me right at ease. He tried his best to save my tooth, but was unable to. He placed a bridge that looks and feels really natural. We were both happy with the results. My problem is now fixed and I feel very comfortable. I’d tell anyone looking for a dentist to see Dr. Rosen. Everyone here treats you like family. They knew about my fear and treated me appropriately. They took their time and made sure I was relaxed. Dr. Rosen is the most personable doctor I have ever met and the entire atmosphere is friendly. My son comes here now and he’s not afraid of the dentist. In fact, he looks forward to his visits.” – June

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